About Me

Marcelo Fidel Fernández


I work as technical leader, analyst and developer of applications and services, database-oriented, network-oriented or multi-purpose software. I’m also a Systems Administrator and a fan of Python as a programming language and Linux as Operating System.

I’m very passionate about technology, free and open source software, networking, information security and computer science.

I’m very curious, so I always find myself working, playing, investigating and experimenting mostly with free software. I try to write all my experiences in this blog when my spare time allows it.

I’m doing a Postgrade Course, a Master in Data Networks at La Plata National University.

Specialties and Habilities

Software and IT Services Architect. Python Developer. Technical Leader. Also I’ve worked with PHP, Java, HTML/CSS/JS, SQL, C, PostgreSQL, Linux, Apache/Nginx. I’ve developed and mantained Linux Services, Network-Oriented Software development, microservices, done Network Analysis, TCP/IP, Virtualization, AWS infrastucture, Docker, Kubernetes.